Anonymous, Not Terrorists!

Sunday, July 24th, 2011

up·ris·ing/ˈəpˌrīziNG/: An act of resistance or rebellion; a revolt…

The Resistance against Oppression is what Anonymous is, an Idea, People, anyone can be Anonymous. People like to think that Anonymous are a group of kids who like to rationalize hacking with Politics (Dave Aitel, Immunity Security, Former NSA), but we cannot be held accountable for the actions of people YOU piss off and decide to exploit your corrupt systems and information.

You know us, we are your everyday citizens that have had enough with not having enough money to pay our bills due to corrupt bankers, we are everyday people who do not wish to be censored in any way, we are your babysitters, lawyers, doctors, teachers, journalists, parking attendants, sanitation workers who do not like the idea of a Militant Police organization, we are your kids who do not wish to starve while you sit on your throne and crack the whip.

We are the movement that will change history and change the way people think, the way people live and the way Governments are ran. Do not fear us for we are You, we are peaceful if not provoked, we call for a change and we will not fail.

To the “Agents” who recently arrested the Anonymous members, will you arrest your own kids if they do not agree with the policies, fraud and censorship that is being tossed their way? or maybe you should arrest President Barack Obama for lying in his campaign countless times, or maybe arrest President Bush for creating a war in Iraq based on a lie and with murder for the lives of all of the american soldiers that have died since. Or maybe all members of the US Government that has supplied arms to Mexican drug cartels who have killed lots of Mexican citizens and Tourists, not to mention the AZ Border patrol who have killed and arrested Mexicans who have fled their country to seek refuge from those same drug cartels. Land of the Free? I think not, Remember what Lady Liberty stands for.

We are watching…
We are Anonymous 
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

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