The NYPD, Friend or Foe?

Sunday, July 24th, 2011

As every other New Yorker I had always said I wanted to be a Police Officer when i was young, this dream had come to a halt as I grew and realized how corrupt this “establishment” really is.  I had started to witness the brutality and unfairness that came along with coming in contact with the NYPD.  These days the NYPD is looking a lot more like a pre-Rodney King Police Force, the thousands of citizens that have made complaints against the NYPD, the hundreds of citizens that have been in an accident due to NYPD negligence and the many citizens that are stopped and frisked day in and day out due to this “Gang of Thugs” as I like to call them.  I myself have witnessed mistreatment of the people and have found myself in shock and at loss for words.

Where has the time gone where “Authority” figures are the ones who wrangle the bad guys and let the people know that everything will be ok?  From accidents caused by drunken officers, illegally passing red lights, not reading a “perp” their Miranda Rights, stripping the People of their Rights to fill a Quota or simply just beating “suspects” as a fear tactic.  These are the sort of things that New Yorkers face on a weekly basis, you have to be extremely careful when dealing with the NYPD.  Some would say the best way to deal is to just submit to their commands, but WHY? We pay their salaries with our tax dollars, we have our rights, and we HAVE to question a “Force” we have basically hired to protect us.  A Site Called Schoolcraft justice has been created as a Forum to other officers who are sick of being forced to commit crime by acting under the pressure of illegal quotas.  People are subject to a ticket or arrest any time, anywhere, fair? No it is not, again we pay their salaries and we are paying the price for it.

Adrian Schoolcraft has a good thing going with this site (Schoolcraft Justice), he has chosen to give Police Officers a voice.  They can submit stories, claims, video or audio of allegations or evidence of Corruption.   The submissions that have been sent to the Schoolcraft website are incredible.  You cannot deny claims of corruption when you’re own people have said it is going on, and countless times.  The internet has given people a voice and is now creating a haven for people who would like to stand up against corruption.

People of New york, do NOT be afraid to question authority, it is your right and it is what can save us from becoming victims of these crimes and abuse, just remember, question authority PEACEFULLY and never become violent as this may help them prosecute you for a wrongful arrest or an unlawful ticket. Do not be afraid to record voice or video of cops behaving badly as this may be the only way we can bring light to these situations and submit evidence to the public.  We have a voice and we, the Masses can put an end to this.

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