Anonymous Calls for Boycott of PayPal (#OpPayPal)

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

Anonymous is showing they live up to their motto “We Never forget” as they launched #OpPayPal today.  A legal boycott that was called on by Anonymous members, thus showing that Anonymous is not about breaking the law, they are about fighting what they feel is wrong and immoral.  PayPal’s stocks have dropped and they have been hit with a large amount of member account de-activations, so much that they have blocked people from online account cancelations.  If you would like to boycott PayPal, call their customer hotline and cancel your account, their are alternate companies such as PayPal you can create accounts with.  PayPal has shown they do not support WikiLeaks, which has drawn negative attention in the past from groups such as Anonymous and LulzSec.  The attacks started a while back with DDoS attacks, which the FVI is now investigating and conducting arrest warrants for, and now Boycotting and asking for everyone’s support which is hitting PayPal where it hurts most, their pockets.  #OpPayPal is in full effect and it is said to be one of the many phases for #OpPayPal.  Will Anonymous get their point across? All we can say is Watch the stock markets, and judge for yourselves.

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