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Beta Release of U.R.G.E. (Twitter Edition)

Thursday, September 8th, 2011


To the people of the Interwebz,

We recently have become tired of seeing trending topics on twitter that were redundant and “pop culture” like.  We have also grown tired of Twitter not trending hash tags that actually serve a cause and mean something to free thinkers of the world.  We have taken note of why Twitter would not do so, they only trend topics which would “appeal” to people and can get people to tweet more.  This was pathetic in our eyes, and we could not stand by and take it anymore.  We have developed a program called “U.R.G.E. Universal Rapid Gamma Emitter (twitter edition)” which hijacks trending topics of our choice and lets us tweet messages within them.  This will help raise awareness of problems going on in this world and show people that real problems exist outside of “Jersey Shore” and “Sex”.  We will distribute this program amongst Anonymous and anyone else who cares to use this for awareness and bashing corrupt politicians.  This is not a hacking tool nor is it an exploit tool, it was created to make it easier for us to tweet faster without copying and pasting constantly.

We Are Anonymous
We Are Legion
We Do Not Forgive 
We Do Not foget

Download U.R.G.E. BETA v1.2 HERE (Windows-Beta)
Download U.R.G.E. BETA v1.0 HERE (Windows-Beta)

you will need MS .NET Framework 4 to run this...

User Guide Availabe Here 
support contact

MY Thoughts on OpBART

Monday, September 5th, 2011

As another OpBART approaches, we have drawn and taken criticism from our own and from BART passengers. I have come to the conclusion when conducting or organizing such protest, that no one will ever be happy. If you disrupt Train service in the BART station (which we did not do, but were accused of) then “we are the bad guys”, but if we keep out of the stations and keep it civil, then “we will never achieve anything”. I have watched many Operations go up and go down very fast, but this is an Op that is actually going to prove something and end in success, and I guess people do not like that. Many critiques have said that we are standing around in our protests or not doing enough, but when done, then you call for change in tactics anyway.

We will continue with out protests the way we have done every Monday at 5pm, if you do not agree with our cause or tactics then simply ignore the fact that we even do this at all. No one has ever said that everyone MUST attend, the choice is yours. We will continue to organize our successful protest and we ask that anons all over the world understand why we are doing such things and using such tactics. If you would like to be an anarchists then go elsewhere, remember why we are Anonymous and remember why we do what we do. OpBART is in my eyes and others a success for many reasons. Instead of knocking down your fellow Anon then provide your input, show up to protests, join in on the meetings and let us know what you think.

Anonymous Calls for Boycott of PayPal (#OpPayPal)

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

Anonymous is showing they live up to their motto “We Never forget” as they launched #OpPayPal today.  A legal boycott that was called on by Anonymous members, thus showing that Anonymous is not about breaking the law, they are about fighting what they feel is wrong and immoral.  PayPal’s stocks have dropped and they have been hit with a large amount of member account de-activations, so much that they have blocked people from online account cancelations.  If you would like to boycott PayPal, call their customer hotline and cancel your account, their are alternate companies such as PayPal you can create accounts with.  PayPal has shown they do not support WikiLeaks, which has drawn negative attention in the past from groups such as Anonymous and LulzSec.  The attacks started a while back with DDoS attacks, which the FVI is now investigating and conducting arrest warrants for, and now Boycotting and asking for everyone’s support which is hitting PayPal where it hurts most, their pockets.  #OpPayPal is in full effect and it is said to be one of the many phases for #OpPayPal.  Will Anonymous get their point across? All we can say is Watch the stock markets, and judge for yourselves.

Anonymous, Not Terrorists!

Sunday, July 24th, 2011

up·ris·ing/ˈəpˌrīziNG/: An act of resistance or rebellion; a revolt…

The Resistance against Oppression is what Anonymous is, an Idea, People, anyone can be Anonymous. People like to think that Anonymous are a group of kids who like to rationalize hacking with Politics (Dave Aitel, Immunity Security, Former NSA), but we cannot be held accountable for the actions of people YOU piss off and decide to exploit your corrupt systems and information.

You know us, we are your everyday citizens that have had enough with not having enough money to pay our bills due to corrupt bankers, we are everyday people who do not wish to be censored in any way, we are your babysitters, lawyers, doctors, teachers, journalists, parking attendants, sanitation workers who do not like the idea of a Militant Police organization, we are your kids who do not wish to starve while you sit on your throne and crack the whip.

We are the movement that will change history and change the way people think, the way people live and the way Governments are ran. Do not fear us for we are You, we are peaceful if not provoked, we call for a change and we will not fail.

To the “Agents” who recently arrested the Anonymous members, will you arrest your own kids if they do not agree with the policies, fraud and censorship that is being tossed their way? or maybe you should arrest President Barack Obama for lying in his campaign countless times, or maybe arrest President Bush for creating a war in Iraq based on a lie and with murder for the lives of all of the american soldiers that have died since. Or maybe all members of the US Government that has supplied arms to Mexican drug cartels who have killed lots of Mexican citizens and Tourists, not to mention the AZ Border patrol who have killed and arrested Mexicans who have fled their country to seek refuge from those same drug cartels. Land of the Free? I think not, Remember what Lady Liberty stands for.

We are watching…
We are Anonymous 
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

Will Anonymous “Implode”?

Saturday, July 23rd, 2011

As Anonymous gains massive media attention, the heat is on and rising. Anonymous has such a wide diverse group of people that while some people are for the cause you can very easily lose yourself with the rise in attention. Let me remind you guys why we ARE Anonymous, We all share the same goal, we all fight for freedom and we are tired of being oppressed.

Egos may get in the way, tempers may flare and we all may disagree with each other at one time or another. You must remember WE ARE ALL BROTHERS AND SISTERS! Do not let the enemy win by watching us implode, we must stick together and fight the fight to accomplish our goals. We are all Human we do have differences, show we are better by working together, THERE IS NO LEADER! remember…

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.