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MY Thoughts on OpBART

Monday, September 5th, 2011

As another OpBART approaches, we have drawn and taken criticism from our own and from BART passengers. I have come to the conclusion when conducting or organizing such protest, that no one will ever be happy. If you disrupt Train service in the BART station (which we did not do, but were accused of) then “we are the bad guys”, but if we keep out of the stations and keep it civil, then “we will never achieve anything”. I have watched many Operations go up and go down very fast, but this is an Op that is actually going to prove something and end in success, and I guess people do not like that. Many critiques have said that we are standing around in our protests or not doing enough, but when done, then you call for change in tactics anyway.

We will continue with out protests the way we have done every Monday at 5pm, if you do not agree with our cause or tactics then simply ignore the fact that we even do this at all. No one has ever said that everyone MUST attend, the choice is yours. We will continue to organize our successful protest and we ask that anons all over the world understand why we are doing such things and using such tactics. If you would like to be an anarchists then go elsewhere, remember why we are Anonymous and remember why we do what we do. OpBART is in my eyes and others a success for many reasons. Instead of knocking down your fellow Anon then provide your input, show up to protests, join in on the meetings and let us know what you think.

Fire! Linton Johnson (wanted poster)

Thursday, August 18th, 2011